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About Us

BEE Scorecard (Pty) Ltd is a privately owned IT solutions company that specializes in web based IT design and provides the IT expertise behind the BEE SCORECARD system.

BEE Scorecard was established late in 2004 by Dave D'Aguiar and Fred Ward.

The Company is committed to achieving the objectives of BBBEE by providing a highly effective BEE rating system to the BEE industry and business enterprises in search of a comprehensive, reliable BEE management solution. We are a solutions provider to empower businesses with knowledge and capacity to manage and control their BEE strategy.

Marathon Group (Pty) Ltd., a shareholder in BEE Scorecard, strengthens BEE Scorecard with an executive team of experienced accountants and lawyers with a strong corporate background, who provide management-, operational-, capital- and capacity management services to the SMME market.


D. D'Aguiar, R. Matthee, F. Ward



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