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Step 1: Register

Click the START HERE link on the BEE Scorecard home page. Enter the details requested and Accept the terms and conditions. You will receive a unique username & password via email, as well a copy of these user instructions in PDF format.

Step 2: Capture your Information

Log into the system from the home page by entering your username & password in the login fields. Go to the DETAILS page in the main menu, and enter your Business Entity details and your Financial details. After providing Financial details, go to the CAPTURE DATA pages and enter the relevant data in each of the BEE Elements.

Step 3: System Calculation

Once your info is submitted the system will calculate and update your BEE score for each specific element as well as your total BBBEE Scorecard. Your overall BEE Level is displayed on the SUMMARY page, with Level 1 being the highest, and Level 8 the lowest compliance level.

Our extended access option provides detailed results and full scorecards for comprehensive BEE management.
Contact us at or call 0861 161 161 for more information in this regard.

Step 4: Verify your Information

If the online system classifies your business as an EME (Exempted Micro-enterprise) or a Start-up enterprise (displayed on the SUMMARY page) we require a signed LETTER from your accounting officer or a registered accountant, on their practice Letterhead. Download the sample letter sample letter here. Once signed, fax to us on 0860 250250, together with certified copies of the ID documents of the owners/member/shareholders of your business.

If the system classifies your business as a QSE (Qualifying Small Enterprise) or a GENERIC business, one of our Associated Rating Agencies will contact you with regard to a quotation for verification.

Step 5: Get your Certificate

After verification, and upon payment, you will receive your accredited BEE Certificate.

More About the System (FAQ)

Is BEE Scorecard an Accredited Rating Agency?

BEE Scorecard is not a Rating Agency. Our BEE Certificates are issued by our Accredited associates. BEE Scorecard provides the internet platform and the IT infrastructure utilized by these associated Rating Agencies to facilitate the rating process.

Do I have to be a BEE Expert to use the System?

The BEE Scorecard system is specifically designed for all levels of BEE expertise, from the completely uninformed to the BEE specialist. To that end it is both informative and instructive. Every question (normally in the form of a column heading) is self explanatory, and adequate information is provided to ensure that the correct data is captured.

Where do I get Help?

Many terms and headings are accompanied by a QUESTION MARK. By clicking on a question mark, the user will find helpful information pertaining to the required information.

The HELP page also contains a link to our extensive LIBRARY of BEE concepts and terminology.

For email support, contact us at

How Accurate are the Results?

BEE Scorecard (Pty) Ltd guarantees calculation accuracy in strict accordance with the DTI's Codes of Good Practice, subject to the information provided by the user.

How long does it take to Capture all the Information?

This can vary from one hour for an Exempted Micro Enterprise to a month or two for a large corporate. A typical Medium Enterprise should be capable of completing the information within a week.

Can BEE Scorecard Advise me on how to Improve my B-BEE Score?

Bee Scorecard (Pty) Ltd. is not a BEE consulting company and can therefore not provide advice on your BEE strategy or on ways to improve your BEE rating. We can however put you in touch with respected BEE experts who are able to give you the best possible advice.

Does the system calculate my Score automatically after each data capture?

Yes, but the SUBMIT button must be clicked first. The information captured will be lost if the user proceeds to any other page or step without clicking the SUBMIT button for EACH SECTION (not just per page).

Can more than one user log in and capture data for the same Measured Enterprise?

Yes, the BEE Scorecard system is designed to accommodate more than one user per business entity. A user with administrative rights can create multiple limited users in the SETUP page. Limited users have full capture rights, but cannot create new users.

Which Financial Year must I use for capturing?

All information captured should be for the last completed financial year unless specifically stipulated otherwise.

How do I know whether the Generic Scorecard or the QSE Scorecard applies to my business?

During the registration process, the system automatically establishes whether your business should be rated against the Generic or QSE Scorecard, or whether the Exemption rules apply. Your category is displayed on the SUMMARY page.

Do I still need a Scorecard and a Certificate if my Business qualifies for Exemption?

Yes. In terms of the Codes of Good Practice an Exempted Enterprise is automatically deemed a Level Four contributor. Your clients will still require a Certificate as proof of your status.

Why is the system not displaying my Score?

The BEE Scorecard system calculates and adjusts the BEE Score as you capture, but information needs to be SUBMITTED (using the Submit button) for Score to be adjusted.

Should a BEE Score not be displayed, it could be as a result of any of the following reasons:

How much Data can I capture in one Table?

Is my information on the system Confidential and Secure?

Yes. BEE Scorecard (Pty) Ltd. guarantees the confidentiality of your information. Several levels of security are built into the system. Access is controlled by unique username and password combinations, and data is encrypted and secured by a valid Thawte SSl certificate.


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